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43,64 EUR*
Details Greeks-and-Pre-Greeks-Aegean-Prehistory-and-Greek-Heroic-Tradition

Greeks and Pre-Greeks Margalit Finkelberg proposes a multidisciplinary assessment of the ethnic, linguistic and cultural situation in Greece in the second millennium BC. Full description

29,12 EUR*
Details Greek-Through-Reading-Greek-Language

Greek Through Reading stresses the importance of early reading of good and varied Greek to give the student a sense of idiom. The Greek selections come from twenty-five authors ranging from Homer to the Anthology. These are arranged in fourteen ...

43,64 EUR*
Details Unthinking-the-Greek-Polis-Ancient-Greek-History-beyond-Eurocentrism

Unthinking the Greek Polis Challenges orthodox readings of Greek history centred on the polis and proposes a broader approach. Full description

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Details magFlags-Flagge-Large-Panellinios-Greek-Sports-Club-Panellinios-Greek-Sports-Club-Querformat-Fahne-135m-90x150cm-Fahne-100-Made-in-Germany

Flagge: Panellinios-Greek Sports Club | Panellinios, Greek Sports Club | ??????? ??????????? Querformat Fahne | 1.35m² | 90x150cm Panellinios-Greek Sports Club Panellinios, Greek Sports Club ??????? ??????????? Da wir wissen, wie wichtig Ihre ...